Steel VS Aluminum

For many years the RV industry has used a light-weight tubular aluminum framing to act as the foundation in creating strength for the “box” of their motorhomes. This strategy has had little discussion as most manufacturers favor working with aluminum because of perceived weight savings as well as the ease of spot welding and moving the framing process down the assembly line without truly measuring the safety factor.

At Nexus RV, we have done some additional research and what we found is very important. We know that steel has added strength and durability to our construction. Prior to making high-strength, low-alloy tubular steel part of our standard construction, we had scientists compare the standard aluminum tube to our steel tube and the results were exactly what we expected. Nexus RV has produced a framing system that is 50-70% stronger than the rest of the industry. This decision to use steel not only increases the overall strength of the frame, but will also eliminate the chance for oxidation as the fasteners used by Nexus RV are galvanized steel screws. Oxidation is the process in which the mixing of two types of metals(steel and aluminum) together cause corrosion. At Nexus there is no chance of oxidation as we do not use any fragile tubular aluminum.

Another great benefit to high-strength/low-alloy steel is that the welds are able to be much stronger due to the strength of the steel. Contrarily, when dealing with thin light-weight aluminum, it is difficult to achieve a strong weld. This limitation increases the chance for welds to break in the frame of the unit.

A criticism of using steel is adding weight to the motorhome. This is true, but using a high-strength low-alloy steel will limit the increase in weight while giving the structural framing the benefit of steel. In fact, we have added only 50-60lbs to each unit built due to the differences between aluminum and steel. We feel the added weight is well worth it in the event of your motorhome needing that extra strength as you travel around the country.

This is just one of the unique advantages when you buy factory direct from Nexus RV. You receive the best components with top-notch engineering on all our Class C and Class B+ product. This is one of many Nexclusive features that makes the Phantom Class C and the Viper Class B+ motorhomes some of the finest RVs in the world.

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Thank you for your interest in our products, we look forward to becoming the standard for the industry in quality and safety as well as design. .

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Nexus RV

Nexus RV Factory Direct Motorhomes

We are excited to launch a great new way to purchase a motorhome.  Nexus RV builds Class C and Class B+ motorhomes and sells them directly to the retail customer.  This new approach to deliver the best product to the RVer will save consumers thousands of dollars.  In addition, this lean sales process will allow the customers to “customize” their unit giving each and every owner the feeling that they have been part of the manufacturing process.

In order to achieve this awesome approach, Nexus RV has remodeled and developed both a Dealership and a Manufacturing facility in the heart of RV country, Elkhart, Indiana.  This 10 acre campus has an area for RVers to stay the night and try out their new unit.  The company is also offering an electric hook-up to any RVer driving by the campus.  This may come in handy as the company is located directly on the Indiana 80/90 toll road about 80 miles east of Chicago and in the heart of the midwest.

Another cool feature about the Nexus RV approach is a 25,000 square foot show room that will make it easy and relaxing to spend the day with the owners selecting exactly what the retail customer is looking to purchase.  Nexus RV is hopeful that the relaxing atmosphere combined with the phenomenal product design will entice the RVer to travel to both save money and allow Nexus RV to build their dream.

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