A.C.E. Motorhome vs. Nexus RV

A.C.E. Motorhome vs. Nexus RV

Comparing the A.C.E Motorhome features against the Nexus RV Class C Phantom

Over the years, the RV industry has tried to create the perception that Class A motorhomes are better, more valuable and offer more features that a Class C motorhomes. Most recently, several manufacturers have built smaller versions of a Class A and have presented them a “hybrids” to the retail public. Motorhomes, such as, the Montage by Gulf Stream, the Sorrento by Four Winds and the latest the A.C.E Motorhome by Thor Motorhome Company have tried to make a case that they have created the best of both worlds. This comparison is a response to this claim.

ACE Claim #1: We have designed the perfect front cap and windshield
Nexus Advantage: The Ford E450 Chassis has an automotive windshield that is properly angled to maximize the aerodynamics of the unit driving down the road. The ACE has a upright cap that has a bill hanging over the windshield fighting the wind as you go down the road. Also, the overall height of the ACE Motorhome is 11’ 11” where as the Nexus RV Class C are 11’ 3”. The additional overall height of the ACE combined with the upright design clearly gives the Nexus RV an advantage.

ACE Claim #2: Serviceability
Nexus RV Advantage: The Ford design is by far the best, in fact, it is automotive. You can have your Nexus RV Class C and Class B+ service at any Ford dealership in the US. Unlike the ACE which has a limited number of Ford center that work on the configuration of the Class A style chassis. Serviceability is one biggest reason people continue to buy Class C products.

ACE Claim #3: Rear wall and design is good.
Nexus RV advantage: At Nexus, we use all steel cage construction vs. aluminum used by the ACE Class A. Nexus RV has up to 72% more strength in the cage. In addition, we use LED lighting vs the cheaper lights on the back of the ACE. Moreover, Nexus RV has a pre-molded TPO eyebrow along the back of the unit where the back- up monitor is recessed vs. the protruding camera on the ACE.
Also, the ACE wraps the fiberglass up over the roof creating an inferior design where the rear wall is fastened to the roof.

ACE Claim #4: Great Storage
Nexus RV: Ace may have the advantage with exterior storage on certain floor plans.

ACE Claim #5: The entry step is the crown jewel of the motorhome.
Nexus RV advantage: The ACE has 5 steps you must climb to get to the floor level of your motorhome. The steps are steep and may be difficult to climb for many customers. On the Nexus RV motorhomes we minimize the steps to get to the floor level with our low floor design. O

Motorhome Reviews

Motorhome Reviews

Many resources to read what NeXus RV’s customers have to say

It can at times be difficult to find reliable information about a company from those who are most qualified to provide information, customers of the company. But this is not the case with NeXus RV. There are multiple resources available on the internet to research NeXus RV and to learn what the factory direct buying process is all about. On NeXus RV’s website there is a page of video customer testimonials from real customers who discuss the entire experience. That webpage is here: Motorhome Customer Testimonials
There are also written testimonials and quotes from actual customers on that page.

Another resource is Google Plus Reviews. NeXus RV currently has two reviews on that website from actual customers. You can read the testimonials here: Motorhome Reviews . From the reviews, Robert Mills states “This is truly an impressive company and a great bunch of people. We hope if you are looking for an RV that you take the opportunity to learn more about Nexus”. And Julie says, “TREMENDOUS experience thus far!!!!!”.

Yet another resource for the enquiring consumer is facebook. NeXus RV’s Facebook Page is filled with photos and statements from NeXus RV’s customers. So if you are in the market for a new motorhome, do your research and find out what actual owners of NeXus Motorhomes have to say about NeXus RV.

NeXus RV Shows Strong Sales of New Motorhomes at Tampa RV Show

NeXus RV shows and sales new motorhomes at 2013 Tampa RV show

NeXus RV generates a lot of interest and sales at Florida RV shows

NeXus RV has had a great couple of weeks in Florida for both the Tampa RV Supershow and also the Ocala RV Show. First, the all new 2014 Class Super C Diesel motorhome, ‘The Ghost’, was introduced to great acclaim and interest. Second, sales of 2013 class B+ Vipers and 2013 class c Phantoms were very strong at both shows and there was a lot of interest and excitement around the NeXus displays. And finally everyone had a great time at the show. NeXus RV would like to thank all who came out to the show to see NeXus RVs latest products, and would especially like to thank those who purchased new motorhomes at the shows. We look forward to the 2014 Tampa RV Supershow and the 2014 Ocala Show as well. We hope to see you there next year and keep updated on what is going on at NeXus through our blog and facebook page :) .

Class B+ Motorhome Review and Rating – NeXus Viper 27V

Class B+ Motorhomes 27V Viper Photo
2013 27V Viper by NeXus RV

NeXus Viper 27V Class B+ Motorhome Reviews

Read what actual NeXus RV customers have to say about the class B+ motorhome, Viper by NeXus RV:
The Viper 27V is the very best motorhome I have ever owned.
The team at Nexus RV is committed to making sure the customer is happy.
I would highly recommend buying your motorhome from Nexus RV because
they not only saved me money, they built the unit the way that I wanted it!
~ Ruevan Lev-tov – Silver Springs, Maryland
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Motorhome Review

Motorhome reviews and ratings by NeXus RV customers.

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Motorhome Reviews