NeXus RV Introduces two new floorplans

Floorplan for 32SC Phantom Class C.

The 32SC Phantom Class Super C Diesel Motorhome.

25P Floorplan

The 25P Phantom Class C Motorhome by NeXus RV.

Nexus RV is introducing two new floorplans this year. Both new floorplans are Phantom Class C Motorhomes. The first is a 25′ ft. 25P Phantom, which adds a slideout bed for more walkaround room in the bedroom. The second is a 32′ ft. 32SC Phantom, which is a Class Super C Diesel Motorhome built on the International Navistar Chassis.









Check out soon for more information on these new models from NeXus RV.


A.C.E. Motorhome vs. Nexus RV

A.C.E. Motorhome vs. Nexus RV

Comparing the A.C.E Motorhome features against the Nexus RV Class C Phantom

Over the years, the RV industry has tried to create the perception that Class A motorhomes are better, more valuable and offer more features that a Class C motorhomes. Most recently, several manufacturers have built smaller versions of a Class A and have presented them a “hybrids” to the retail public. Motorhomes, such as, the Montage by Gulf Stream, the Sorrento by Four Winds and the latest the A.C.E Motorhome by Thor Motorhome Company have tried to make a case that they have created the best of both worlds. This comparison is a response to this claim.

ACE Claim #1: We have designed the perfect front cap and windshield
Nexus Advantage: The Ford E450 Chassis has an automotive windshield that is properly angled to maximize the aerodynamics of the unit driving down the road. The ACE has a upright cap that has a bill hanging over the windshield fighting the wind as you go down the road. Also, the overall height of the ACE Motorhome is 11’ 11” where as the Nexus RV Class C are 11’ 3”. The additional overall height of the ACE combined with the upright design clearly gives the Nexus RV an advantage.

ACE Claim #2: Serviceability
Nexus RV Advantage: The Ford design is by far the best, in fact, it is automotive. You can have your Nexus RV Class C and Class B+ service at any Ford dealership in the US. Unlike the ACE which has a limited number of Ford center that work on the configuration of the Class A style chassis. Serviceability is one biggest reason people continue to buy Class C products.

ACE Claim #3: Rear wall and design is good.
Nexus RV advantage: At Nexus, we use all steel cage construction vs. aluminum used by the ACE Class A. Nexus RV has up to 72% more strength in the cage. In addition, we use LED lighting vs the cheaper lights on the back of the ACE. Moreover, Nexus RV has a pre-molded TPO eyebrow along the back of the unit where the back- up monitor is recessed vs. the protruding camera on the ACE.
Also, the ACE wraps the fiberglass up over the roof creating an inferior design where the rear wall is fastened to the roof.

ACE Claim #4: Great Storage
Nexus RV: Ace may have the advantage with exterior storage on certain floor plans.

ACE Claim #5: The entry step is the crown jewel of the motorhome.
Nexus RV advantage: The ACE has 5 steps you must climb to get to the floor level of your motorhome. The steps are steep and may be difficult to climb for many customers. On the Nexus RV motorhomes we minimize the steps to get to the floor level with our low floor design. O

Motorhome Reviews

Motorhome Reviews

Many resources to read what NeXus RV’s customers have to say

It can at times be difficult to find reliable information about a company from those who are most qualified to provide information, customers of the company. But this is not the case with NeXus RV. There are multiple resources available on the internet to research NeXus RV and to learn what the factory direct buying process is all about. On NeXus RV’s website there is a page of video customer testimonials from real customers who discuss the entire experience. That webpage is here: Motorhome Customer Testimonials
There are also written testimonials and quotes from actual customers on that page.

Another resource is Google Plus Reviews. NeXus RV currently has two reviews on that website from actual customers. You can read the testimonials here: Motorhome Reviews . From the reviews, Robert Mills states “This is truly an impressive company and a great bunch of people. We hope if you are looking for an RV that you take the opportunity to learn more about Nexus”. And Julie says, “TREMENDOUS experience thus far!!!!!”.

Yet another resource for the enquiring consumer is facebook. NeXus RV’s Facebook Page is filled with photos and statements from NeXus RV’s customers. So if you are in the market for a new motorhome, do your research and find out what actual owners of NeXus Motorhomes have to say about NeXus RV.

Strong Sales of NeXus Motorhomes at 2013 Chicago RV Show

New Super C Motorhome – The Ghost – generates excitement at 2013 Chicago RV Show

Strong sales of NeXus motorhomes at Chicago RV and Camping Show

NeXus RV unveiled ‘The Ghost’, their newest 2014 model to the public at the 2013 Chicago RV and Camping Show. The Ghost is a New Super C Motorhome built on International’s Terra Star Diesel Chassis. There was a lot of excitement around the NeXus RV displays. The Ghost gained attention and a lot of new orders and there was plenty of interest and excitement about the 2013 Phantom Class C Motorhomes and the 2013 Viper Class B+ Motorhomes as well.Ghost 34G Floorplan ImageImage of 36G Ghost Floorplan

“The new super c RV, The Ghost was a big hit at the show for quality, features, and price; We were glad to earn some business and to build new 2013 and 2014 motorhomes for our customers”, said David Middleton, Vice-President and Co-Founder of NeXus RV. The Ghost Super C Diesel Motorhome is available for the 2014 model year and NeXus RV is currently taking orders and building 2014 models.

The Ghost is available in two floor plans, the 34G and the 36G.DSC02384

Everybody at NeXus RV would like to thank those who came out to the 2013 Chicago RV and Camping Show and especially would like to thank those who ordered their new 2013 or 2014 motorhomes at the show. The Staff of NeXus RV will be at the 2014 Chicago RV and Camping Show next February and would enjoy meeting you there!

Class C Motorhomes Vs. Class A Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes vs. Class A Motorhomes

A complete comparison  By  Claude Donati

One of the most frequent questions asked by new RVers is; what is the difference between a Class A and a  Class C motorhome?  This answer is lengthy and comprehensive.  The differences are immense and important for each and every person to consider.  The details of this comparison should help you determine what best suits your goals while enjoying the RV lifestyle.

We will focus on the a traditional Class C and a Gas Class A as they both have engines in the front of the vehicle and these products are competing for the same customers.  In fact, many of these products use the same Ford V10 gas engine so for this comparison we will focus on the Ford V10 configuration on both the Class C motor home and the Class A motor home.

The first area of importance is DRIVABILITY.  The  Class C motorhome is built on a Van front end chassis that is very similar to most automobile cockpits.  This design makes the driving experience an easy transition from their day to day car or SUV.  Contrarily, the Class A motorhome is a completely different design and requires some practice and understanding as the driver is located on top of the front axle and higher from the ground.  Many people get the feeling of being too close to the windshield and subsequently they feel less comfortable when they drive a Class A.

In a  Class C motorhome, the driver is behind the front axle exactly like a car or SUV and lower to the ground.  It is very common for many experienced RVers, to move into a Class C motorhome as driving the large Class A becomes more challenging with age and the physical factors we all face.    It is clear Drivability favors the Class C product.  Whether you are a new RVer, experienced RVer, an old RVer, young RVer,
short or tall the Class C product will make your time driving your new RV easy and stress free.

Another very important factor in determining what type of RV you are going to buy is SAFETY.  Obviously, the ease and comfort of driving a motorhome would assume a more safe driving experience but there are a few other things that the Class C motorhome offers that makes it even safer.  Another big factor in making the Class C safer than the Class A is airbags.  All Class C cockpits are equipped with airbags for the both the driver and passenger.  This feature clearly gives the safety advantage to the Class C.  Every Class C that is built on the Ford Chassis is built by Ford in one factory adhering to strict FMVSS guidelines.  The design has been tested in ambulances, shuttle buses and Class C motorhomes.  The Ford Class A motorhome is built to many difference specifications by many different companies.

The result of this design variation is some high quality units and some low quality units.  This variation in quality stems from large range of ergonomic differences in details like distance a customer sits from the windshield, center of gravity of the entire of the Class A and front end construction can create a unit that is inferior to the Class C motorhome.  In addition to being less safe than the  Class C motorhome , these products tend to have a much higher defect ratio when measuring things like electrical performance, windshield wipers and Air conditioning in the Cockpit.  When you research any government recall list, it is evident that the Class A motor home cockpit and front end design seemingly have numerous incidents.  Considering all these variations in design and historically problematic quality issues in Class A units, compounded with the fact Class A products do not have airbags it becomes more apparent that the  Class C motorhome is a much safer RV.

Another side note that may go to the safety issue but certainly goes to the convenience issue is the fact that many Class A motorhomes do not have a driver or passenger door where as all Class C motorhomes have driver and passenger doors. This feature makes it convenient to get in and out of a  Class C motorhome without any trouble, whereas, the Class A without a side door requires walking through the living room to get out on the passenger side only.

To continue down the direct comparison between the Class A motorhome and the  Class C motorhome , I recently drove 1300 miles on each of these products to give my readers a real life evaluations of the differences.  I drove a Nexus Phantom Class C 32’ on a Ford E-450 Chassis with a V-10 Engine from Elkhart, Indiana to Tampa, Florida.  Then 20 days later I drove an Allegro Open Road Class A built on a Ford Class A rail Chassis with a Ford V-10 from Ocala, Florida to Elkhart, Indiana.

Many of the items mention above applied to my experience.  While in the  Class C motorhome , I felt lower to the ground and the driving experience was similar to driving my SUV.  The front end design of the Nexus Phantom cut through the wind with relative ease.  Every once in a while a gust would get my attention but for the most part, my confidence in driving this unit was never affected.  I drove through a snowstorm with high winds as I left Indiana and the challenging conditions were much easier to handle than I anticipated.  It is clear the all steel cage construction of the Phantom Class C, gave the unit “torsinal rigidity” eliminating most of the side to side sway caused by cross winds.

On my return from Florida, I was in a gas Class A motorhome the experience was much different.  First, when driving out of the sunny state of Florida, the sun was bearing down on me and I felt like I had nowhere to hide. Many dealers and manufacturers consider the large windshield to be a benefit giving you a nice panoramic view.  I must say, that is true, you have a huge view of the road and the surroundings.  Later as I drove, that feature created a sauna and began to make me tired.  As I moved into the state of Georgia, the weather changed and I entered some hefty cross winds.  The Class A design absorbed every blast of wind that I encountered and began to challenge me forcing me to fight the steering wheel.  The steering was much looser than that of the Class C causing me to continuously bounce my hands from left to right to keep the unit between the lines.

Continuing the comparison, SLEEPABILITY favors the  Class C motorhome vs. the Class A motorhome.  Recently there has been a push from Class A manufacturers to add a bed that drops down from the ceiling, while this added feature adds the overall sleeping capacity it truly limits the function ability of the Class A.  In a Class C, there is a cabover bed, giving the RVer two extra sleeping positions while not protruding into the living room.   Moreover, kids love this area.   What makes it nice is the family can enjoy the dinette or the sofa and kitchen without any problem and the people wanting sleep are not trying to do so in the middle of the living room.

When purchasing a new motorhome you must consider the chance you may need service.  This concern may be for when you are at home, in your hometown or it may be when you are traveling throughout North America.  A clear advantage in SERVICEABILITY goes to the  Class C motorhome .  More specifically, the  Class C motorhome built on the Ford Chassis as a Class C built on the Dodge Sprinter Van Chassis does not share the excellence in parts and service that Ford has achieved.

Comparing a Ford Class A gas motorhome to a Ford Class C gas motorhome is important.  As the Class C is built on Van front, virtually every Ford Dealership will work and repair that configuration.   Many Ford Dealerships will not work on a Class A configuration thus availability of service heavily favors the Class C.  Also, when a Ford Class C is being work on, in most cases, the service facility does not have to get in your unit.  They can repair the unit from the cockpit under the hood, while the Class A design forces many technicians to trample through your house to get to the engine.

There are some advantages that the Class A design and Chassis can offer, for example, the Class A chassis has a larger GVWR.  This feature usually gives you a large cargo carrying capacity and or bigger tanks sizes.  Historically, there has been an impression that the Class A motorhome is built better than a Class C.  At Nexus RV, we have worked hard to dispel that impression by building a better motorhome that anyone else.

Another clear advantage when considering a Class C verses a Class A is PRICE.  In fact, many manufacturers will cheapen the build of a Class A in order to compete with a Class C buyer.  This confusion makes the customer think they are buying up but in actuality they are buying an inferior motorhome with fewer options just because they think it is a step up.  This tactic evident as you will find Class A products with rubber roofs, aluminum cage construction and luan wood substrates in their construction.  As we compare Class A motorhomes to the Nexus RV Class C, we overwhelm our customers with high-end features that many Class A manufacturers will not consider putting in their products as it disrupts their profit margins.

The fact is Class C products are built the same way as Class A products but retails for less and that does not make any sense as the raw chassis cost more in a Class C due the automotive finish of the cockpit.

In summary, the Class C motorhome is the overwhelming winner in the head-to-head comparison vs. the Class A motorhome.  When you buy a  Class C motorhome you will get, DRIVABILITY, SAFETY, SERVICEABILITY, SLEEPABILITY AND PRICE.  The only thing better than that is buying your Class C factory direct and saving thousands while we build your dream……

Class C Motorhomes with Custom Paint Options by NeXus RV

Class C Motorhomes by NeXus RV with Custom Paint Options

Check out this photo gallery of recently ordered and delivered Phantom Class C Motorhomes by NeXus RV

[EasyGallery id='classcmotorhomeswithcustom']

Class C Motorhomes with customized exterior paint options, built and delivered factory direct by NeXus RV. 2013 model year class c motorhomes are available now, factory direct. Cut out the middle man and save thousands of dollars on your next class c motorhome.

Click here for more information about these class c motorhomes and other class c motorhomes


“Right Sizing – moving from a large Class A Motorhome to a smaller, more manueverable Class C or B+ Motorhome”

Many RVers realize that with the rising cost of fuel, both gasoline and diesel, that it just makes sense to ‘right-size’ into a slightly smaller motorhome. At NeXus RV, the Class B+ and Class C Motorhomes that we build are competing directly with the larger Class A Motorhomes that other manufacturers offer. Our RVs offer improved drivability, maneuverability, and are much easier to service than a Class A. In addition to that, NeXus offers a unique construction philosophy which includes using steel instead of aluminum in the construction of the motorhome. Lab tests have confirmed that our steel sidewalls are 72% stronger than the aluminum sidewalls offered by our competition, with only a slight increase in weight. All of our Class B+ and C Motorhomes also include driver and passenger airbags, something not usually offered with larger Class A’s. With a NeXus RV, you will not only go further for less, you will get there safely, because safety is a top priority at NeXus.

NeXus RV’s also offer the same luxury as the larger Class A Motorhomes. We use only top quality components in the construction of your motorhome, ensuring that you will travel in style and comfort. The luxurious appointments start with the furniture and appointments of each floorplan. The seven foot interior ceiling of our Phantom and the Maxx comfort furniture allows you to feel like you are at home. NeXus RV uses only the highest quality components, such as furniture, flooring, countertops, and fabric. The superior components continue with the Clarion touch screen DVD/Mp3/iPod Player, available GPS navagation and back-up camera and monitor, Vizio LCD TV’s with Sound Bars, and available satelite packages. When you ‘right-size’ into a NeXus RV you will feel like you have upgraded from your previous unit, becuase NeXus RV will not compromise on the quality of components used in the construction of your motorhome.

NeXus RV also offers the ability to customize your new motorhome. You choose your interior fabrics, flooring style, cabinet finishes (cherry wood or glazed maple), and paint and graphics color and style. In the end you will end up with a motorhome that is not only the ‘right size’, but is also built specifically for you. Your motorhome will be exactly the way you want it to be. In short, ‘We build your dream’. And don’t forget, that we sell it to you factory direct, saving you thousands by eliminating the ‘middle man’. And we offer a nationwide service network, so you are covered for service no matter where in the United States you happen to be. We will also take your Class A in trade twoards the purchase of your new Phantom or Viper. ‘Right-Sizing’ into a NeXus RV Class B+ or C Motorhome is the smart choice for any RVer who wants to enjoy the luxury of a Class A Motorhome while obtaining the drivability and savings of a Class B+ or C Motorhome. Contact NeXus RV today to find out more!

Class B+ Motorhome Review and Rating – NeXus Viper 27V

Class B+ Motorhomes 27V Viper Photo
2013 27V Viper by NeXus RV

NeXus Viper 27V Class B+ Motorhome Reviews

Read what actual NeXus RV customers have to say about the class B+ motorhome, Viper by NeXus RV:
The Viper 27V is the very best motorhome I have ever owned.
The team at Nexus RV is committed to making sure the customer is happy.
I would highly recommend buying your motorhome from Nexus RV because
they not only saved me money, they built the unit the way that I wanted it!
~ Ruevan Lev-tov – Silver Springs, Maryland
To view more motorhome reviews and motorhome ratings, visit: NeXus RV Motorhome Reviews

Class C Motorhomes Reviews and Ratings – 32p Phantom

32 P Phantom Class C Motorhome

A review of the 2013 32P Phantom Class C Motorhome


Review of 32P Phantom Class C Motorhome

Read what real customers of NeXus RV have to say about the 2013 32P Phantom Class C Motorhome. When you hear what others are saying about this leading class c motorhome, you will be convinced about the quality and value of this motorhome. And because it is available factory direct you can save thousands of dollars over the competition, all while recieving the exact class c motorhome of your dreams.