“Right Sizing – moving from a large Class A Motorhome to a smaller, more manueverable Class C or B+ Motorhome”

Many RVers realize that with the rising cost of fuel, both gasoline and diesel, that it just makes sense to ‘right-size’ into a slightly smaller motorhome. At NeXus RV, the Class B+ and Class C Motorhomes that we build are competing directly with the larger Class A Motorhomes that other manufacturers offer. Our RVs offer improved drivability, maneuverability, and are much easier to service than a Class A. In addition to that, NeXus offers a unique construction philosophy which includes using steel instead of aluminum in the construction of the motorhome. Lab tests have confirmed that our steel sidewalls are 72% stronger than the aluminum sidewalls offered by our competition, with only a slight increase in weight. All of our Class B+ and C Motorhomes also include driver and passenger airbags, something not usually offered with larger Class A’s. With a NeXus RV, you will not only go further for less, you will get there safely, because safety is a top priority at NeXus.

NeXus RV’s also offer the same luxury as the larger Class A Motorhomes. We use only top quality components in the construction of your motorhome, ensuring that you will travel in style and comfort. The luxurious appointments start with the furniture and appointments of each floorplan. The seven foot interior ceiling of our Phantom and the Maxx comfort furniture allows you to feel like you are at home. NeXus RV uses only the highest quality components, such as furniture, flooring, countertops, and fabric. The superior components continue with the Clarion touch screen DVD/Mp3/iPod Player, available GPS navagation and back-up camera and monitor, Vizio LCD TV’s with Sound Bars, and available satelite packages. When you ‘right-size’ into a NeXus RV you will feel like you have upgraded from your previous unit, becuase NeXus RV will not compromise on the quality of components used in the construction of your motorhome.

NeXus RV also offers the ability to customize your new motorhome. You choose your interior fabrics, flooring style, cabinet finishes (cherry wood or glazed maple), and paint and graphics color and style. In the end you will end up with a motorhome that is not only the ‘right size’, but is also built specifically for you. Your motorhome will be exactly the way you want it to be. In short, ‘We build your dream’. And don’t forget, that we sell it to you factory direct, saving you thousands by eliminating the ‘middle man’. And we offer a nationwide service network, so you are covered for service no matter where in the United States you happen to be. We will also take your Class A in trade twoards the purchase of your new Phantom or Viper. ‘Right-Sizing’ into a NeXus RV Class B+ or C Motorhome is the smart choice for any RVer who wants to enjoy the luxury of a Class A Motorhome while obtaining the drivability and savings of a Class B+ or C Motorhome. Contact NeXus RV today to find out more!